1:1 alignment coaching

High Level coaching for you as a female entrepreneur that is seeking clarity and confidence and who is ready to commit to a solution that seeks the answers within to base your business development on your values and purpose. 

To create a business that you love and that you can thrive in with clients that you love to help.

Trine Daimi,
Alignment Coach, Copenhagen

Hello, my name is Trine Daimi. I am 56 years old and of half Finnish, half Danish origin. I live in Copenhagen, close to the sea on the same Island as Copenhagen Airport. I have a background in communications, business advice and therapy (Sensetik, existential psycho therapy).

I have been self employed for more than 20 years working with Public Relations, Editing, Travel Writing and Alignment Coaching.

I now focus on helping female entrepreneurs through alignment coaching. Alignment meaning that you create a business that fits you, your lifestyle and your preferences, not the other way around. There is not one size that fits all and your business should be unique to you so that you create, launch, sell and execute the way that serves you best.  

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1:1 Alignment Coaching

My 1:1 alignment coaching is for female entrepreneurs who desire to honour who they are and create a business that fits their values and purpose by doing what they love and do best for people they really love to work with, so that work no longer feels like draining work, but is a joyful and energizing experience.

This is a personalized coaching experience, tailored to your own individual needs and honouring your values and purpose.

I believe in meeting you where you are and coach you the way you need, so you can scale your business and develop your offer in a way that energizes you and allows you time to breathe.

I believe that making money doing what you love and are good at will give you time and resources to develop yourself and your business in a way that is sustainable to you.

For you to reach this faster (and much more simply) this requires you to be fully supported, so you can scale and develop without working more hours, and this is where my magic touch comes in.

1:1 Alignment coaching is for you if:

  • You desire to indulge in the beauty of aligning your business and working strategically towards your goals.
  • You’re ready to work with perfect-fit clients and create the most incredible transformation and experience for them.
  • You know now that you need to be fully supported by an expert so you can create a business you never dared dream of.
  • (Deep down) you know money will only amplify your life, and it will create a massive ripple effect in this world
  • You crave intimate, personalized, and tailor-made mentoring as you’re wonderfully unique and one size fits all approaches just don’t work for you
  • You embrace both the energy of self-reflection and feeling yourself and the strategy elements. You know that you need both. You’re more than ready to look at yourself and your patterns and make the changes needed and act in accordance with your purpose and values.
  • And you’re ready to truly get the support and gentle nudge that your mindset needs as this upleveling takes place…


I would love to work with you if: 

  • You’re a human who loves to help your clients at extraordinary levels, and make the impact in the world that you know that you’re meant to be making…
  • You desire contributing in ways like speaking your mind in public, paving the way for other women by showing how results can be made or do something good for the world or your fellow females with your purpose.
  • You’ve got this fire in your belly or in your heart, or this tingling sensation that you’re ready to make that beautiful, remarkable impact you know you can, while making good money.
  • You also know that you’re meant to live – be fully alive – and this requires designing a life with plenty of space for you to live and thrive.
  • Whether that is an ultra-spacious agenda so you can: spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones; have location independence, where you can take a few months off a year; or just knowing you’ve got this immense freedom and spaciousness around you, because that is where your greatness flourishes.
  • And that you’re ready to be wildly you!

Together we will activate your magic and set the stage for massive growth that feels so spacious and lavishly you!

Let’s chat and see how things can shift for you. Book a Free coaching call with me.

Here is what you’ll want to know about my programme:

6-months: to make your magic become profitable by aligning your business to you, simplifying it so you can focus on what truly matters, and amplifying what is working. 

VIP 1:1 Alignment Deep Dive with me every other week: When you join the coaching, you get my magic fingers and eyes all over your business foundation to make sure everything is super-aligned and solid. You and I will go over the fundamentals:

  • Setting a goal for your business a year from now through creating a vision
  • Being clear about your values
  • Mapping out your starting point, your assets
  • Defining your why, your purpose
  • Defining your ideal client


When the fundamentals are in place we work on and fine-tune your positioning, offers, prices, the right-fit clients, messaging, strategy, and lifestyle desires. When this is aligned, magic truly happens. 12 sessions in total.

Dedicated Client Success: Weekly accountability check-in voice mail to make sure you stay on track, unblocked, productive and to get that extra TLC.

Unlimited Q&A via voice mail I reply within 24 hours on weekdays


We work on whatever is challenging you this could be:

  • Messaging and Content Creation: To finetune your messaging and smooth your content flow.
  • Finetuning your offer: What to offer at the stage you are at.
  • Checking your alignment: Making sure that you are fully aligned in the decisions you make.
  • Mindset managing: How to overcome limiting beliefs, procrastination setbacks, imposter syndrome, lack of self-confidence, understanding irrational behaviour and the like
  • Accountability check ins: Voice mail check ins to make sure that you are getting your marketing done to attract the people you would love to work with.
  • Courting: Social selling and relationship building

Do it more smartly and simply.

The key is doing what you love, doing it profitably, and ditching the rest.

Let’s chat and see how things can shift for you. Book a free ccall with me.

See Recommendations
From My Clients

Trine sees things that others miss, and she never settles for the mediocre. I have worked with Trine Daimi for a couple of years now. Every time we work on a project it is my experience that Trine sees things in me that I have not discovered myself. Trine has helped me overcome doing something that I hate - and it is not easy to help me - because I am VERY stubborn. And for this reason, it is sometimes a good idea to ask someone else to have a look at you and what you are doing - you NEED it. Trine sees things that others miss, and she never settles for the mediocre. Full of ideas! Trine is creative, innovative, and really sharp! Intelligent, outgoing, and direct. Love Lotte Heise Heidi Svømmekjær - Copywriter
"Trine is good at helping you get to the core of your message and get your point across. One of her many talents is her ability to think BIG - to raise the glass ceiling. She motivates you to stand by your value and skills and take them to the next level. Trine offers professional advice and training, but also inspires and motivates you to think bigger and make your business sustainable financially."

Take action today for
a future in alignment

The beauty is actually that…

You can experience unprecedented business growth, without sacrificing what matters to you in life by keeping it simple & profitable. And you can create a business that is aligned to your values and your purpose.

That’s what this is all about. 

That is the beauty that I offer through 1:1 Alignment coaching.

A surprise bonus for you

The bonus is an extra grounding course. I will give you 6 grounding lessons where we work on your grounding and breathing, saying yes to you and feeling the clarity, calm and confidence that you are longing for.

There will be one lesson each week and you can join live or via replay in a special group.  


Book now and start your journey to create a business that you will love and that will give you the results that you dream of.

The price for my 6 months programme is $ 3397 plus VAT. 

Get offer as PDF:

ALign your business with you OFFER one2one

See Recommendations
From My Clients

Like Trine, I am a copywriter and so I thought it would be a healthy challenge for me to get her input about my business. After having gone through her questionnaire and a very thorough Skype session I cannot recommend her enough. In the absence of colleagues or co-owners I found it very rewarding and luxurious being able to talk in-depth about how and why I do the things I do. I'd even go so far as saying that any one-person business should have this as an annual consultation. Having the chance to put my daily thoughts into words and to reflect on my work process with an attentive and engaged listener made a fuller picture emerge than I have seen for some time. On top of that, Trine made some very eye-opening points that I will surely make use of going forward. All in all, Trine manages to balance her therapist training beautifully with her experience as a business owner and strategist. So, give yourself the treat and the secret weapon of her insight - you will not regret it. Heidi Svømmekjær - Copywriter
Trine managed to enter my entrepreneurial universe, which consists of very diverse activities, and guide me to finding my true potential, the one thing that I really have a passion for - and which I had completely forgotten. With her masterly overview Trine helped me realize that my future business idea should be founded where I stand strongest. Trine has a special, empathetic gift to help you be concrete about your life mission. She is an extremely gifted acquaintance, and I am deeply grateful to have met her. I give her my warmest recommendations.