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Find a whole new approach to your business and  communication. With your irresistible message in place you will be able to create a busines that is in accordance with your values and your preferences and that feels good to the stomach.



your have endless inspiration for your copy. And you will attract your ideal client with ease.


Working with your Irresistible Message means that you are working on the foundation for your business.

A foundation 

The Program Covers

Step 1: Your Irresistible message

If you havent got your irresistible message in place, you will work on it untill it is ready to work for you. Your Irresistible Message is the foundation of all your communication. It will guide you when you generate copy.  


During the 6 sessions we may cover:

  • – Your Irresistible message and how it works
  • – How to attract your Ideal Client
  • – How to become razor sharp with your offer
  • – Work with your mindset and blocks that may interfere
  • – How to feel good about your business

Getting your point across

With your irresistible message in place you will start generatiing copy for your selected channels. You will train the techniques to generate endless copy to attract your Ideal Client. 


  • During the 6 sessions we may cover
  • – How to be personal in your copy – without being private
  • – How to build your website for 

Get your point across
to your ideal client.