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Coaching 6 times 45 minutes 1:1

$ 1.667,00

6 times 45 minutes coaching with Trine Daimi for 12 weeks.


TAIMI 1:1 is an online 12 weeks coaching program with a 45 minutes session every other week, E-mail support and Whats App support and the tools to get clarity, produce endless copy with ease and get your point across to your ideal client.

But of course TAIMI 1:1 is not a magic pill. It will absolutely create amazing results and transform your life… If you say yes to it and take
the leap. TAIMI 1:1 helps you to achieve clarity in your business. 
We work 1:1 with clarifying the foundation of your business; who do you serve, what problem are you solving and with what purpose?  The why behind it all is very important to unfold. Why are you doing this? The questions are simple, but can be very difficult to find the answers for.

If you haven’t got your Irresistible Message in place – we will work on that first. Once that is in place we will look at how your Irresistible message can work for you. Where can you reach your Ideal client, what will you write and how.

I am here to help you sense the value of being you in your business and doing things on your terms to thrive in your life and business.


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