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How I aligned my business with me

How I found my YES!

Hello, my
name is Trine Daimi. I am 56 years old and of half
Finnish, half Danish origin. I live in
Copenhagen, close to the sea on the same Island as Copenhagen Airport. You
probably don’t know what I do in my business, so I would like to share with you
the story of how I found my YES! And created a business that I love.

It was a cold
windy winter morning in February. Leaves were carried by the wind, and I had to
wave them off as I was crossing the big, open city hall square in Copenhagen. I
looked up at the massive stone building with the high tower and the name of the
Newspaper written in big capital letters. I was a student at university and on
my way to my first day as an intern in the marketing department of a national
Danish newspaper. I was so scared that my knees were shaking as I walked up the
stone stairs.

I was
afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live up to their expectations and just tried
to keep under the radar as I sat myself in the corner (like a little gray
mouse) and took on a very simple task of calculating lix in various newspapers.
They didn’t know how much I doubted my own skills, and they also didn’t find
out because whenever they would give me a new task I would do it and do it
well. Before I knew it, I was the subeditor of all the special editions that
came out of the marketing department. And my colleagues said I was the best
intern they had ever had.

But all the
success bounced off me. I was not able to change my self-perception and it did
nothing for my sense of self-worth. And yet, I more than met their expectations
– and mine. And at the end of my internship there was an exam, and I got the
highest grade possible. I was talking about groundbreaking research which we
had done at the newspaper with Eye tracking equipment. I did feel engaged and
inspired, because I was talking about the research that I had become quite
involved in. Later, the research also became the subject of my final thesis
which also got the highest grade. But despite my good results and praise at
work I still didn’t feel I was a great student or particularly skilled. You
might say I experienced a severe case of imposter syndrome – when are they
going to find out? And I doubted my abilities. I had so many limiting beliefs.

And this
continued. As a public relations manager I worked with international brands,
creating best results in our agency and still I felt it was nothing. And so on
and so forth. I have been employed by top companies and organizations, still, every
job I did, I felt inadequate. About 15 years ago I became self-employed and
have had many ups and downs. Great success at times and no success at other
times. Lovely clients and lots of great cases to emerge myself in. It was not
until I got help to work on my limiting beliefs that I realized what I needed
to change.  And that is how I came to
find the method I am teaching today.

It took
some trial and error. I have training as a therapist besides my experience as a
copy writer, journalist and public relations manager and I wanted to integrate
that in my business – but how? The first thing I tried was writing courses. How
to create a great foundation for your writing to find inspiration and
confidence, which to me are the pillars of good writing. I enjoyed working with
my clients, but I was still not in my sweet spot. Then I moved on to offer help
with tagline, messaging, and web copy, but still it was not quite right. Because
there was a missing link. The foundation of my business was not in place. I was
not thriving. I was not aligned with my purpose and values. My purpose is to
unleash your potential and help you get your point across. I call it pearl
diving. Combining the two is my sweet spot, my pearl, and now my business is
aligned with me. There is more to it, but I save that for another post.

That is why
I have created this new course Align Your Business with You where I help you
align your business with you. I believe that burn out, stress and missing
results in your business are the results of doing business in a way that is not
aligned with you and your purpose and values. You may be in the right niche and
doing what you love, but if your business is not aligned with you values and
your purpose then it will not feel right. You will not attract the people that
you really would love to work with.

As I said,
I believe that you already have all that you need inside. I will help you
discover what it is, dive for the pearl and open that oyster so both you and
everybody else may see how brilliant you are. You may also be a person that has
many passions and finds it hard to choose and niche down. The thing is: You
need not choose. What you need to do is to find the right way to combine the
things that you are passionate about so that you create something that is
special to you and cannot be copied. It is my specialty to see this in you and
help you realize it in a way that will give you the results you dream of. Aligning
your business with you will help you find inspiration in abundance, and it will
make that imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs shrink and lose their power –
that is what it did for me, and I can’t wait to see it happen to you.